Grape White Seedless in Saudi Arabia

I like grapes. The size is bite size makes it easy to eat and swallow. Seedless grape, i Love it even more. In Saudi Arabia, imported fruits are very cheap.

Grape White Seedless

Grape White Seedless

Last week, I went to Hyperpanda, one of the largest retail in Saudi Arabia, I saw White Seedless Grape. I was really careful on buying grapes since i can not take the sourness too much. I saw the grapes is seedless, based on my experience, most seedless grapes are sweet or at least less grape.

So, I took it a handful. The price is only 7.5 SAR/kg or almost 2 USD/kg. The taste is good especially the yellowish color, it tastes like Kediri White Grapes from Indonesia but Kediri grapes are with seed. I also like the flavor that comes from the yellowish ones. I taste the green ones, some times it tastes sour without sweetness at all. But the texture is great even though it is not as crunchy as other seedless grapes. I believe this is not from Saudi but Imported from outside since Saudi white grapes are with seeds with almost the same taste, but more often you will find the fruit sour.

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